What am I doing?

Have you ever felt like one of those people on those hoarding shows? Just collecting an item, that you really have no use for. You keep adding to this collection, until one day, you’re drowning in paper, or plastic bottles or figurines – whatever it is.

That’s how I felt with my photography images. Over 10 years of collecting images that I myself created. I felt overwhelmed. So I decided to stop creating until I did something with what I already had. Don’t get me wrong, I still took pictures. But I took pictures mostly only for work; when someone contacted me to cover an event or wanted family portraits. I enjoy this aspect of photography, it’s truly an honor to be trusted to freeze a moment in someones life, to capture something so special to them, that they can look back on for years. But this type of photography is not my first passion.

Lake Ontario – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020

Not taking my camera every where I went forced me to enjoy being in the moment, to see things with my eyes, and not with a lens. It did give me more freedom, but so often I wished that I had my professional camera with me so I could capture this beautiful scenery, or animal, or whatever it was – so, was I really enjoying being in the moment? Still, I didn’t want to create anything more to add to my hundreds of gigabytes of images. Yes, hundreds.

Jasmin Patel Photography 2020

Fast forward two years and here we are, Covid-19. A lot of people say we have more time now, but I honestly feel like I could use some more hours in a day. Saying that, I have scheduled time to get outside more frequently, to walk. I’ve seen a lot of incredible things in Nature that I wouldn’t normally have seen, because I wouldn’t normally have time to go for a walk. I started taking my camera with me here and there, only taking pictures of things that really inspired me, or that I really loved (mostly birds). But I still wondered what I would do with these images.

Chickadee in the bushes – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020

Then it hit me: Why not put them on my website? Why not make a photo blog? Write about what I take pictures of, or what inspired me, and get my images out there for other people to see, maybe they’ll enjoy it? I can even go back through the years and feature some old projects! So here we are. I’m trying something new and hopefully you, the viewer, will enjoy seeing what I’ve seen, from the angle that I’ve seen it from.

Busy Bee – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020
Swans – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020
Butterfly Bush – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020
Sparrow and the Lake – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020
Macro Leaf bonus fly – Jasmin Patel Photography 2020
Jasmin Patel Photography 2020

In this post, I’ve featured some images that I captured over the past four months from my walks. My hope is that these images brought you some smiles and feelings of peace.

Thanks for viewing!

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