The Under Water Obsession

September 2008, I started the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College. I was introduced to so many types of photography and to so many techniques. It was then that I discovered Underwater Photography. I’m not talking about the kind you see on National Geographic, or the Blue Earth series. I’m talking about Under Water Fashion Photography.

Wow, I was so amazed by it. I just loved the idea of taking portraits under water. I loved the fluidity portrayed in the shots, and the eerie feel you got when looking at these captured images. I looked at so many professional photographers in this niche and I wanted to try it out for myself.

In my second year we had a fashion photography project, and I decided now was the time to push the bars and try out an underwater shoot. Right away, I encountered a few problems – professional underwater gear is mega expensive and I didn’t even own a DSLR Camera! But I did have access to a Cyber Shot waterproof point and shoot, it would do the job. Second problem, it was winter so I needed an indoor pool. Hotel’s have pools! Problem two solved.

I called some fashionable acquaintances (who could swim) and we got a hotel room and went down to the pool with my waterproof point and shoot. The terrible lighting and thick chlorine made all my images grainy and murky. Despite this, I was so happy that I finally tried out an underwater fashion shoot! I was the only one in my class to do this. My instructor was impressed and one of my images featured in the school magazine!

My career as an underwater fashion photographer began! – NOT! It was fun while it lasted. I tried doing it again for my final portfolio, but I encountered lighting issues and I couldn’t submit the grainy images.

My Model was a Dancer – I asked her to dance underwater…
Jasmin Patel Photography
Jasmin Patel Photography
Although I wouldn’t use these images for my portfolio, I still loved them.

For my final portfolio project, I decided to do underwater product photography instead. It had it’s own challenges, but I could use studio equipment and have more control.

So, now you know about my Under Water obsession! I hope you enjoyed viewing these creations of mine from 10 years ago!


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