Butterflies Close Up!

Have you ever visited a Butterfly Conservatory? If you have, then you know how surreal it can feel to be surrounded by fluttering butterflies. If you haven’t then you should add that to your list of things to do post COVID-19!

I know, you don’t have to go to a conservatory to see butterflies, but it’s so much easier to take pictures of them, because there are SO MANY!

If there are any butterfly experts out there – I would love to know the types that I have captured (through these pictures).

First we go to the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory – my first experience.

Next we visit the Cambridge ON Butterfly Conservatory (which also had beautiful little birds and some reptiles – but that’s for a different post!)

Did you know that butterflies don’t chew food like some other insects? They get all the nutrients they need by sipping nectar, water, fruit, and even tree sap through a long, tube-like appendage called a “Proboscis“…That’s not all: when not in use, the proboscis stays tightly coiled against the butterfly’s head

The Butterfly Proboscis – Insect Lore
www.insectlore.com › Insect Lore Blog

By the end of this visit, my camera battery had died. It was at that exact moment that a Blue Morpho Butterfly landed on my husband’s face! One of the staff had just told us that these butterflies rarely open their wings. Thanks to phone camera’s, here is what I captured:

It opened up it’s bright blue wings!

Of course, I was kicking myself for not charging my camera battery before leaving for this excursion, but sometimes just being present in the moment is best.

Now for a natural habitat butterfly capture:

I hope viewing these images made you gain a small appreciation for these beautiful creatures and made you feel a little less stressed out for a few minutes!

Enjoy your day!


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