India Part 2 (Shimla)

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, a North Indian state in the Himalayan foothills.

The monkey’s run the streets

Shimla is one of the most famous Hill Stations in Northern India. It was a very popular holiday retreat for the British, and today it is a popular honeymoon spot.

We rode a toy train into the hill station, and it was absolutely scenic. From the name: “Toy Train” you can imagine, it was a slow paced journey that allowed us to enjoy all the scenery that comes with traveling through mountains. The train traveled along one of the highest railway bridges in India, offering some stunning views. Enjoy the journey through the following images:

Traveling in the same carriage as us were two couples that were on their honeymoon. I don’t often take pictures of people, but when I do I prefer to capture raw emotion. I wish I could find this couple and give them this image…

After our breathtaking journey on the Toy Train, we arrived in Shimla. Right away I noticed the difference between Shimla and Delhi. First, the climate, it was cooler up there. The people seemed to have more time, but also worked very hard. I also quickly discovered that the monkey’s in Shimla were always watching us from the tops of trees, roofs and sides of the street.

Another thing Shimla is known for is it’s shopping strip. The Mall road has whatever you want, from food, to clothing, to trinkets.

While in Shimla, we took a taxi ride up an extremely steep, winding mountain road to see a famous monument. Monkey’s surrounded this monument and are very mischievous. People worship the monkey’s so nothing is done to control their bad behavior. We were warned to keep our belongings close to us, and to not show any food – that’s just asking to be attacked by a monkey mob!

The following are images that I can’t put words to. You know, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Well, some of the words these images speak, are painful, but eye opening.

When I look at the pictures from this trip I took over eight years ago, I think about how much I learnt from getting a tiny glimpse into other people’s lives. I think about how much beauty and diversity our planet has. I also think about how much I don’t know. Traveling is humbling. Visiting a country that is the opposite from anything you’ve ever known is also humbling and it’s hard to put into words what it is really like. You just have to try it for yourself…

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