Autumn Snaps

I’ve been discovering a lot of local wildlife, specifically birds! I live in an area where many birds pass through while migrating, I’ve seen some species I never even knew existed! It’s been pretty amazing! I haven’t taken my camera with me on all of my excursions, but the times I have, I’ve always seen something picture worthy! I’m super excited to share some images of new and familiar wildlife with you!

On a few days, there was this eerie misty fog in the air. It seemed almost surreal, but made everything look extra beautiful! Perhaps it was a result of the warm sun and the cool air mixing together? It’s the first time I really noticed and appreciated this phenomenon!

Love that golden beauty

I said I saw some birds, right? Ok, here are a few birds that are new to me:

Trumpeter Swan – Rare. Almost went extinct in the 20th century, but population has rebounded. (The Cornell Lab)
Can you spot the Downy Woodpecker?
Canvasback Duck – Rare. (My husband took this photo)
Long-tailed Duck, Non-breeding Female – Rare.
Possibly a Cooper’s Hawk
Bufflehead’s Male and Female

The Bufflehead’s are a small diving duck. They are so comical and amazing to watch. I believe they will be around all winter, since they come to this area for Migration and Breeding. I will feature pictures of them diving in another post – it’s pretty cool!

Now for some more familiar birds…

Another one of this gorgeous Female Cardinal

The next few images belong in a series and tell the story of a Mallard Duck taking a bath. Enjoy…

White-crowned Sparrow (immature)

It is very common to see the scene above. I call it “bottoms up”. The geese, swans and ducks do this to reach under the water for food. It’s comical!

I often come here to explore wildlife. I always discover something new or am shown something I never noticed before. It’s been extremely rewarding and good for reducing pandemic anxiety!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these images!


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