Red Cardinal and Others

Female Cardinal

A new post? Already?! I know, two in one week is just crazy! I just wanted to share these images I took from the past two days with you. (Thanks for viewing!) We had a friendly encounter with a curious Cardinal couple.

We always walk with sunflower seeds in our pockets. We threw a few on the ground and the female went for it – cautiously! The male however, he was not as brave.

Mute Swan

Have you ever noticed how big a Swan’s feet are? Also, the neck feathers look super fluffy!

Snowy Owl

A regular feature on this photo blog. I hope to capture closer pictures of this beauty some day. She always perches right in the center of the docks, inaccessible to all. She turns her head, surrounded by eager spectators.

Lesser (?) Scaups

The Lesser Scaup and Greater Scaup are almost identical! I’m not totally sure which one the above pictures are of, but I think it’s the Lesser. Confusing!

Red-breasted Merganser

We caught these Red-breasted Mergansers at the end of their bath time! After, they went diving for some food! So awesome to see them up so close. I was pretty happy for this unexpected encounter! Do they look like they need a hair cut? That one stare down made me a little uncomfortable…

Common Goldeneye

A new species! The Common Goldeneye. Here is some information about this bird I never saw before…

These are diving ducks that often forage in flocks and dive simultaneously. They tend to forage in fairly shallow waters (up to 20 feet deep). They are fast fliers; their wings make a distinctive whistling sound in flight. When females are nearby, males frequently display by stretching the head backward against their back and then popping their head forward.
Female Mallard

We’ll finish off this post with the very common, but beautiful Mallard duck. Look at how perfectly each of her feathers sit to create that pattern on her back. She almost looks like she’s smiling…she probably knows she’s beautiful.

Thanks for viewing, hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some birds up close!

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