Winter Visitors

Snowy Owl – female

Another post with more of my snaps from the past week or so. I saw some new species and a few incredible scenes. Enjoy viewing!

The Snowy Owl has been at the docks every day over the past week. She is usually resting when I see her, or trying to find an escape from the sun.

Long-Tailed Duck – Male

These Ducks are usually way out in the open waters, hard for me to get a close picture of. My goal was to get at least one close up image of them and I am content with these images!

Long-Tailed Duck – Female

I love seeing the curiosity in animals. Having eyes on the side of your head means you have to tilt to look up or down, which looks kinda cute!

Scaup – Male

Every time I walk closer to a group of Scaup’s they paddle in the opposite direction. So, I also had a goal to get a closer view and picture of these birds without disturbing them. I was hidden in the bushes as you may be able to tell from the foreground!

Lately there have been a lot of Scaup’s in the Lake. I see them in large groups of maybe 50 to 100. They also dive for their food so they will disappear into the Lake and pop back up after a few seconds.

Mute Swan

I think we can all agree that Swans are quite majestic and beautiful. They seem to be poised and have a sense of calm about them. I thought all those things until I saw the following…

Just resting the foot, nothing to see here!
Coopers Hawk

This big tree is right across from my window. I saw a large bird swoop into the tree and when I went to investigate, I saw this Cooper’s Hawk. He just came for a little rest and then off he went!

Cackling Goose

Canada Goose? Think again! This is called a Cackling Goose. A smaller version of the Canada Goose. There are four sub-species of the Cackling Goose and they all usually breed in Alaska or the Arctic.

The huge collar tag around this one’s neck gave me a clue that these were not ordinary Canadian Geese. I was feeling sad for how large this neck tag was on this Goose, but I did some research and found some comforting information from the Government of Canada. You can read it here if you’re interested!

American Black Duck
American Black Duck
House Sparrow
American Robin

The past few days have been colder and I’ve been venturing out into the cold in the mornings. It sounds extreme, but it’s been really essential for my health during this time. The mornings are quite special actually and I’ve come to really enjoy my morning walks. Some birds are still sleeping or just waking up. Other birds are taking their morning baths in the lake. It’s really special, and there are a lot less people walking at that time!

Steam over the Lake
My favourite spot to stand and breath!

This will be my last nature/bird post for a month or so. Next week I have a special post to blog about!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for viewing,

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