Traveling Around the World Without a DSLR Pt. 1 – Mumbai, India

Exactly one year ago today, February 4th 2020, my husband and I began an adventure that we never thought would become a reality; and we did that, without taking a camera! Wait, what?! Let me explain…

My husband, Andrew, and I planned a trip to visit friends in India. The more research and planning we did, we realized we could hop to some nearby countries while we were on that side of the world. (It’s cheaper to do it that way!)

We were going to be traveling through 11 airports and with all the “lost luggage” horror stories I came across, we decided to try as much as possible to keep our belongings with us! This meant, only traveling with hand luggage. Hand luggage isn’t only a matter of a specific size, but also a specific weight, each airline has their own guidelines and we were going to be using 6 different airlines. Challenge accepted!

Our Hand Luggage

By the time you get your clothes for 5.5 weeks, toiletries, electronics, extra pair of shoes…you’re pretty close to your weight limit! So I had to make a very very difficult decision. I had to leave my camera gear behind. Well, I didn’t HAVE to, but I chose to after a lot of thought. DSLR’s are not exactly compact. I had recently purchased a mobile phone that had great camera specs and we could bring our little GoPro along too.

Two thirds of our trip would be visiting friends and locals. We really didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves while traveling around, and I knew that having a big ol’ DSLR camera hanging around my neck would just scream TOURIST!

So, this month, I am going to feature my cell phone pictures from this EPIC trip we took around the world! This kind of goes against everything I believe in when it comes to REAL photography…but you can decide if it’s the tool or the workman that makes the product. 🙂

First stop: Mumbai, India.

Mumbai, India
Mango Tree
“Concrete Jungle” Vibes
View from our Hotel
Local Bus Depot
The most delicious Thali I have ever eaten! – All you can eat, keeps getting filled up as you empty it!
Mosambi Juice – we weren’t confident enough to try it..
Street Food! – Vada Pauv
Rikshaw Wala

We were only in Mumbai for a short two night stopover. Our new but amazing friends showed hospitality to us in an overwhelming way, whizzing us around the local area, making sure we ate some staple Bombay foods, and taking care of us in practical ways.

Short but sweet, our time in Mumbai came to an end! I’ll show you where we went next, in the following blog post! Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for viewing!

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