My Snowy Owl Obsession

The snowy owl has been a regular feature on my blog- when I post about birds.

Since December, this female owl was regularly seen perched in the middle of the docks, where she was safe. I wanted to see her do more than sitting on the docks, and this meant I had to go at dawn or dusk, when I might have a chance to see her flying into or out of the docks. I couldn’t seem to get there early enough before she did, so one evening I headed to the docks to observe her in hopes that I could see her take flight.

In early February the water at the docks had frozen over. This particular evening, while I was waiting, a group of fishermen went onto the ice. They had tools and equipment to bore holes into the ice. It was quite thick and they were determined to bore holes all over the area to fish. As you can imagine, this not only caught my attention, (and the group of about 10 other photographers waiting around me) but it also caught the attention of the Owl.

Humans were not just observing her from a distance, but now they were getting in her safe space. So, she did take off, but not because of her natural routine, but because she felt threatened.

She moved to another dock further from the fishermen. I left the docks that evening feeling worried that it would be the last time I would observe her.

The next morning I headed out early to see if she came back. I walked up and sighed in relief, she was there again!
I took my usual walk around the park and on my way back I took another look at her. As we were watching, she opened her wings and glided down to the ice! We ran over to the shore to get a closer look. This time it was just my husband, myself and the snowy owl, no one else was around so it made for a very special experience.

This was the first time in the three months of observing her, that I saw the Snowy Owl do something more than resting or gliding just a short distance! I kept snapping as she drank water from the lake and stopped to gaze at me in between sips.

Not long after, she opened up her huge beautiful wings and took off.

That was the last time I saw the Snowy Owl, she didn’t return. She put on quite the show for her departure though!

My last view of the Snowy Owl

As always, thanks for viewing!

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