Goodbye Winter!

The seasons are changing and the spring migration has been quite exciting to see! But I have images from February that I want to share before getting into Spring! This post will be more pictures than text, so please enjoy viewing!

Common Golden-eye (male&2 female)
Common Golden-eye
Red-breasted Merganser’s Dance

Red-breasted Merganser’s do an entertaining dance with cute little calls to accompany.

House Finch (Male)
Common Redpoll (Female)
Dark-eyed Junco and House Sparrow
Song Sparrow

The little song birds are challenging to get photos of. The smaller the bird, the faster they move!

Long-tailed Duck

One afternoon this Long-tailed duck was swimming along the shore. He allowed me to get pretty close to him and gave me a little show too…

Long-tailed Duck
Red-necked Grebe

This Grebe was also swimming along the shore line – he didn’t put on a show though. I did get a closer look at him and his little head feathers!

Canada Goose
Mallard Duck
American Crow
Trumpeter Swans

That’s all for now! I look forward to sharing photos from the spring migration in the coming weeks!

Thanks for viewing!

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