Who Whoo

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were wondering through the forest, when he suddenly whispered my name “Jasmin!” I turned around and he quietly and slowly told me there was an owl in the tree. My initial response, “are you joking?” He was not joking. It was actually a very frightening experience! This Long-eared Owl was scared of us, which made it look even more scary! We had never seen an Owl (apart from the Snowy) in it’s natural habitat. This is what we saw:

I had walked right by this female Long-eared Owl not even realizing it! When I turned around and went back two steps, this was what I saw. Those piercing eyes staring directly into mine. My heart was pounding as I slowly lifted my camera to take some pictures.

She settled down and we really tried to not disturb her. She did keep an eye on us though…

Two weeks or so after this encounter, we saw a Long-eared Owl a few times again. Here are some images from those sightings…

Male Long-eared Owl

This male was pretty frightened by us being in his proximity and he took off quickly after this picture. He went into some trees nearby and slept without disturbance.

I walked right by this one too! It’s special every time I see these beautiful creatures. They leave me with a feeling of awe and fear. Sometimes it can be a “Where’s Waldo” feeling trying to find them, so when we just happen to stumble upon an Owl, it really is a moment to take in and appreciate.

Like other owls, the Long-eared has a body adapted for silent flight and precision hunting. Flight feathers with fringed edges and downy surfaces mute the sound of the owl’s passage through air. The owls gain incredible hearing from their asymmetrically placed ear openings and large, sound-catching facial disks.


Well, that’s all for this post! I hope you have enjoyed the pictures!

Thank you for visiting and viewing!

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